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Due to the lack of hygiene supplies, most young women are unable to attend school one week per month.  Catching up on their missed studies is difficult, causing many of the young Malawian women to drop out of school.  Without adequate education, young women then opt into childhood marriages or resort to prostitution to support themselves (and often times their babies).  Thus, the need to help these young ladies have a way to attend school year-round is paramount. 

Veronica & Pastor Henry have explained how these essential items are "gold" to these girls---giving them HOPE and dignity.

We make washable, reusable menstrual pads which snap into the  panties which we provide for them.  Each 'base unit' includes a waterproof liner for added protection.  The center, removable pad is made from layers of flannel serged together.   We donate these sani-pads through Little Dresses for Africa and also send them directly to our Haven of Hope Malawi Ministry team.  There is a never-ending need for these hygiene items!

We are sewing thousands of sani-pads in Michigan.    We can ship a box like this for $150 to Malawi by air cargo.  Can you help us offset the shipping fees?  We are also providing the waterproof fabric to our Malawian sewing students so they can become entrepreneurs, making and selling these themselves. 

Shipping box pads.jpg

Have you ever been thankful that you have underwear? 

The Malawian girls are thrilled to receive underwear in their hygiene kits!

Let us know if you'd like to send us girls underwear, size 12 and 14.


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