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Our journey began in 2017.  Linda was leading the Operation Christmas Child Ministry through Kirby Church in Flat Rock, Michigan.

She joined a Facebook group for OCC Project Leaders and began reading about an incredibly impressive man named "Uncle Henry" who spoke at various OCC Conferences in the US.  


Pastor Mike Trimble invited Pastor Henry to speak to the Kirby congregation live via Facebook about the shoebox ministry and the church was instantly touched.  After hearing  the testimonies from Pastor Henry and shoebox recipients, the Operation Christmas Child Ministry was a huge success---raising enough funds to pack over 1,000 shoeboxes!

When Covid hit, instead of halting their ministry, it gave birth to a new, unexpected ministry. Pastor Trimble asked Linda  if  she  could   mobilize  her  sewing team to make facemasks for their community. They didn't charge for the masks since this was a ministry, not a business.

But God had other plans to bring revenue to begin their Haven of Hope Vocational Center.  Donations poured in which were invested in more sewing machines. Today Haven of Hope has 30 sewing machines in use, training women and men alike the life skill of sewing and tailoring. And the Center has expanding into other vocational skills as well. 

The Vocational Center now offers FREE classes  in Sewing, Tailoring & Design, Welding, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electronics, Motor Repair, Farming, Health & Nutrition, Body Building, Bricklaying, Afforestation, Graphic Design and offers FREE Sports Camps for Youth.   Pastor Henry and Veronica also mentor and counsel  young men & women spiritually and psychologically.

As God opens doors, we plan to expand the programs we offer to make positive changes for the African poor.  Our hope is to open a medical clinic which is badly needed in this area. 


All donations given go DIRECTLY to meet the needs of the vulnerable.  There are no middle-men and no salaries paid out from your donations.


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