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This young father was the victim of a hit-and-run pedestrian/auto accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down.  The doctors held out no hope for him.  The man slept on a dirt floor in his one-room house and was unable to get off his dirt floor.  

We deliver hundreds of face masks, bar soap, laundry soap, buckets & hygiene items to health clinics and prisons. 

Haven of Hope supplied masks which our students made & other hygiene supplies to the prisons during the pandemic.  We also visit the prisoners, bringing them food and share the gospel with them.  Unlike prisons in the U.S., the prisons in Malawi do not feed the inmates.  If their families don't bring them food, they do not eat!  

Haven of Hope obtained a wheelchair for him from Little Dresses for Africa, but he still could not lift himself from the floor to the wheelchair.


We prayed for him, purchased him a mattress, and had a bed custom built for him at the right height so he could transfer himself from his bed to his wheelchair.  We also had to reconstruct his doorway opening since the wheelchair was wider than his doorway.

Now this young man is a Christian and is able to get out of his one-room house.  He says he now feels like he has a purpose and is able to enjoy time with his wife  and children.

It's our JOY to help the helpless!

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